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What is a Discover EY programme?

If you’re a first-year university student or in your second year of a four-year course, our Discover EY programmes are a great way to see if you could enjoy a career with us. You’ll meet inspiring people from different parts of our business. Through workshops, case studies and networking sessions, you’ll learn lots about what we do – and about yourself.

We want to help you understand how you can apply your strengths to your ideal career and you should leave us at the end of the programme knowing a lot more about yourself, EY and the business world. If you make a positive impact we will fast track you to the final assessment stages of one of our Belfast undergraduate programmes.


Applications close: Friday 17th April

Our Discover EY – Belfast will be held on Tuesday 9 - Thursday 11 June 2020.


What will you do?

Over the course of the programme you will take part in:

  • Seminars that will help you understand our service lines and client work
  • Real world case studies and projects
  • Interactive employability workshops with our Talent Team
  • Networking sessions with EY staff and recent graduates


What will you gain?

  • Knowledge about our service lines, clients and the type of work we do
  • Invaluable skills that will help you succeed in the business world
  • Confidence from meeting new people, gaining new friends and increasing your networks

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