2019 Technology Full-Time Analyst (Developer) - Graduate Scheme

Barclays · Competitive · East Midlands
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Let our commitment to innovation become your platform for growth. Our technology team changes the way we work - and often the way that our industry thinks. It’s why we invest so much in the technology that’s right for our business. It’s also why we’ll invest heavily in your development too.

Eligibility criteria:

• Graduating in 2019 (or before)

We’re looking for innovators who have a relentless curiosity to harness and create new technology, to provide a distinctive colleague, client and customer experience. Whether you have existing tech expertise or simply a fascination for Tech, we are the place for you.

Roles and responsibilities:

• Enhancing the functionality of systems and applications
• Analyzing code to find new process improvements
• Writing scripts for data pulls and analysis
• Developing user interfaces for applications
• Working with business areas to understand and meet their needs
• Designing and innovating products using the newest technologies
• Working with Data to improve efficiencies
• Provide an intelligence-led approach to cyber security

Duration: 2 years

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Deadline: 24 April 2019
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